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723-50-62100 PC160LC-7 PC160-7 Self Reducing Valve

723-50-62100 PC160LC-7 PC160-7 Self Reducing Valve

723-50-62100  PC160LC-7  PC160-7 Self Reducing Valve
723-50-62100  PC160LC-7  PC160-7 Self Reducing Valve
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: PNC
Model Number: PC160LC-7
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Price: USD 75-100/PC
Packaging Details: Carton box
Delivery Time: 1-2 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Supply Ability: 1000pcs/month
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Detailed Product Description
Machine: Track Excavator Model No.: PC160-7, PC160-7K, PC180-7K
Part No.: 723-50-62100, 7235062100 Stock: 3000pcs
Quality: OEM Weight: 1.25kgs
Warranty: 3 Months Product Name: PC160-7 Valve Assy, PC180-7K Pressure Reducing Valve
High Light:

PC160-7 Self Reducing Valve


PC160LC-7 Self Reducing Valve


723-50-62100 Self Reducing Valve

723-50-62100 Pilot Valve PC160LC-7 Pressure Reducing Valve PC160-7 Self Reducing Valve


PC160-7 Valve Assy, PC180-7K Pressure Reducing Valve, Komatsu Valve Assy


Track excavator


PC160-7, PC160-7K, PC180-7K

Part No.

723-50-62100, 7235062100


OEM quality, China made




Carton box



Lead time

About 1-3 working days


TT, Western union, Paypal, Paysend, RMB


3 Months

Shipping Port

Huangpu Old Port, Shenzhen Yantian,Guangzhou


Models comprising the spare part 723-50-62100 VALVE ASS'Y
Hydraulic Excavator
PC160LC-7; PC160LC-7;

Aggregates comprising the spare part 723-50-62100 VALVE ASS'Y

723-50-62100  PC160LC-7  PC160-7 Self Reducing Valve 0


Parts on group PC160LC-7 main valve:

Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Comments
  723-57-16101 [1] CONTROL VALVE Komatsu 105 kg.
  ["SN: B20091-UP"] analogs:["7235716102", "7235716100", "7235716103"] |1.
  723-57-16100 [1] CONTROL VALVE Komatsu 105 kg.
  ["SN: B20001-B20090"] analogs:["7235716102", "7235716101", "7235716103"] |1.
  723-50-62100 [1] VALVE ASS'Y Komatsu 1.24 kg.
  ["SN: B20001-UP"] |1.
3. 702-21-55640 [1] SPRING Komatsu 0.001 kg.
  ["SN: B20001-UP"]
4. 702-21-55620 [2] PLUG Komatsu 0.05 kg.
  ["SN: B20001-UP"]
5. 07002-11423 [2] O-RING Komatsu China 0.001 kg.
  ["SN: B20001-UP"] analogs:["0700201423"]
6. 723-40-91600 [1] VALVE ASS'Y,RELIEF Komatsu 0.1 kg.
  ["SN: B20001-UP"]
7. 702-16-53920 [1] O-RING Komatsu 0.001 kg.
  ["SN: B20001-UP"]
8. 07002-11623 [1] O-RING Komatsu China 0.001 kg.
  ["SN: B20001-UP"] analogs:["0700201623"]
9. 04260-00793 [1] BALL Komatsu 0.005 kg.
  ["SN: B20001-UP"]
10. 702-21-55720 [1] SPRING Komatsu 0.001 kg.
  ["SN: B20001-UP"]
11. 702-21-55710 [1] SEAT Komatsu China  
  ["SN: B20001-UP"] analogs:["890001506"]
12. 07000-11009 [1] O-RING Komatsu 0.001 kg.
  ["SN: B20001-UP"] analogs:["0700001009"]

723-50-62100  PC160LC-7  PC160-7 Self Reducing Valve 1


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4372039 420-00258 LNC0228 LNC0219 LNC0232 25/221793/94 Service Relief Valve
25/618901 25/619001 Main Relief Valve  MRV
LPM0094 KYB travel motor relief valve


Warranty Statement:

1. Warranty Type: We will replace the product which have quality problem.

2. Warranty Period: Supply 3 months warranty for the products from the date of arrival. Customer should check the items according to the order list after arrival.

Contact with us and offer the data, photos of the problem items


3. You need to pay for the replacement charge for following condition:

* Wrong Order from customer.
* Natural Disasters cause the damage.
* Error installation, improper use.
* The machine and reducer work over time and over load.
* Lost by any condition.
* Human element destroyed.
* Corrode with rust during stock and running.
* Warranty Expired.


Q1: How can i make payment ?

A : Bank transfer, Western union, Paypal, Paysend, or RMB.
bank transfer take 2-3days, while we can arrange order once received the remittance copy.


Q2: How fast you can do shipment?

A: Stock items take 1-2days, no stock items 5-7 working days. It depends on the items and the quantity of your order. We will try best to ship goods on time,

won't let you and your client down.


Q3: If we dont find what we want on your website, what should we do?

A: talk with us directly on whatsapp, email, wechat, or phone, we will check inquirys asap. excavator parts have thousands kinds, it's not possible to post

all production online.


Q4. Do your product been tested before delivery?

A: Yes, all product been tested to make sure they are qualified to sell.


Q5: Can we buy 1 pc of each item for quality testing?
A: Yes, we value every customer, no matter order amount small or big, with grateful for your trust.

Contact Details

Contact Person: Ivan chow

Tel: +8618819420828

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